Annual Seasonal Service & Maintenance Suggestions

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Your Car and Common Seasonal Maintenance Needs

Winter and summer are thought to be the hardest on your vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems. While this is true to a degree, any time of the year can present seasonal changes that may cause issues with how your vehicle performs. Rain, snow, dry climates, temperature fluctuations, and changing road conditions can all impact the performance of your vehicle.

Regardless of seasonal issues, practicing routine maintenance like regular oil changes and scheduled checkups will go a long way to keeping your car running in any weather or season.

Our specialists at the Team One Chevrolet of Gadsden can meet all of your vehicle service needs — no matter the season!

Special care should be taken in more extreme weather along with these routine checkups and services. Preparing your vehicle before major shifts in the weather is an important step in staying on top of your vehicle’s performance.

Cold Winters, Hot Summers

Depending on where you live, the frigid winter months and scorching heat of summer can be hard on your vehicle. Even in moderate climates your vehicle may still experience seasonal changes when weather shifts. In more extreme northern regions, it is important to take care of your vehicle to keep it functioning optimally all year long through winter. More southern climates can see extreme heat during summer months that will cause issues that you should be aware of.

Some common service issues encountered in colder northern climates include:

  • Electrical Issues – Your battery, lights, and electrical system can be affected by freezing weather. Regular service of these components will keep them functioning through colder months.
  • Heater System – In sub freezing temperatures, it is crucial for your heating system to work properly in your vehicle. It is important to have this system inspected before winter hits to ensure it is ready for freezing temperatures.
  • Windshield Washers – Snow, ice, and dirt can be hard on windshield wipers and components that keep your windshield visibility clear. Failure of any component of the windshield washer system can cause poor visibility and make driving hazardous in winter snow.
  • Tires – If you live in an area that gets heavy snow and ice, you will need to pay close attention to your tires. Snow chains and tire studs are common ways to deal with icy roads. A professional service technician can inform you of tire options and procedures so you can drive safely in hazardous road conditions.

Extreme heat in the southwest and southern states should be considered during the warmer summer months. Some service issues your car may experience during the warmer seasons include:

  • Cooling System – The components of the cooling system including fans and fluids need attention during summer when they are working their hardest.
  • HVAC Failure – Without AC in summer, driving can be hot and uncomfortable. For optimal climate control and cooling in the cabin of your vehicle, it is beneficial to pay attention to the AC system in summer.
  • Timing Chain – The dry heat means dirt and dust can impact the timing chain. This component should be checked especially in hot and dry climates.
  • Belts and Hoses – Hoses, belts, and other components can develop cracks and leaks as they age which can cause a number of problems. Extreme heat and age can hasten the deterioration of these components which can lead to your vehicle not operating properly.

Routine Seasonal Service for Optimal Performance

Professional automotive service technicians can inspect your vehicle and recommend maintenance solutions as the seasons and weather changes. Tire inspections, brake checks, battery testing, and overall diagnostics and visual inspections of major systems inform technicians of where your vehicle may need attention. Skilled technicians that know your vehicle will be able to assess issues that can impact performance during seasonal weather extremes that you may not notice on your own.

Team One Chevy of Gadsden is here to help with all of your yearly seasonal service issues to keep you safely on the road. Contact us today to schedule a seasonal service with us today!

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